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Une campagne antisémite fait rage au Vénézuela - Le Centre S. Wiesenthal proteste


Texte repris du site du Centre Simon Wiesenthal


January 30, 2009

A campaign of anti-Semitism threatening Venezuela’s Jewish community has prompted an immediate protest from the Simon Wiesenthal Center to the Organization of American States.

“Since the events in Gaza … the government has adopted an aggressive and dangerous tone never previously heard clearly inciting against the Jewish Community …. government’s supporters picked up on the government’s lead with clearly anti-Semitic expressions – with no effort whatsoever by government to stop them. The expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador followed, and subsequently, a final breaking off of diplomatic relations,” alerted the Jewish Macabi Latin America Confederation.


"Jews - Damn Assassins"

“There is a well-orchestrated campaign on TV, radio, print and Internet media owned by the government, openly questioning Israelis right to exist, even including publication of such anti-Semitic materials as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A group of pro-government journalists is urging the population to boycott of businesses owned by Jews in Venezuela,” they added.

Most frightening was a ’plan of action’ published in a pro-government digital newspaper,, giving direction against Venezuela’s Jewish community which included:

- publicly denouncing by name, the members of powerful Jewish groups in Venezuela, names of their companies and businesses in order to boycott them

- avoiding products, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and where Kosher food is sold which either belongs or has links with ’Zionist Jews’

- questioning the existence of Jewish educational institutions

- shouting pro-Palestine and anti-Israel slogans at Jews on the street

- inviting anti-Zionist Jews living in Venezuela to publicly express their disassociation from ’Zionist war crimes’ and the imposition of artificial State of Israel on Palestine

- nationalization of companies, confiscation of properties of those Jews who support the Zionist atrocities of the Nazi-State of Israel, and donate this property to the Palestinian victims of today’s Holocaust

- sending all type of aid to Palestinians including weapons

- hacking pro-Zionist websites including governments or institutions that have relations with Israel

- organizing an international conference about the creation of the theocratic - Nazi state of Israel as a genocidal European colony, and about the myths and facts of the alleged Jewish Holocaust or Holohoax (a blackmailing industry)

- support the dissolution of the artificial State of Israel

A letter from Wiesenthal Center dean and founder Rabbi Marvin Hier to the Organization of American States (OAS) read in part, “Under the presidency of Hugo


"David: the hell with your star"

Photos: Confederación Latinoamericana Macabi

Chavez, the Jewish community of Venezuela has suffered repeated attacks, which were, at least tolerated, if not incited or promoted by State officials …. We believe it is time for the OAS to take action on this outrageous situation which makes a mockery of democratic and civil liberties and guarantees. We urge you to establish an OAS special field mission … to immediately investigate the situation … and recommend punitive action against all those who are responsible for this campaign of hatred against the Jewish people.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center holds official consultative status with the OAS.

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