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MASHAV will coordinate ongoing Israeli humanitarian aid to Haiti

Sur le site du Ministère des Affaires étrangères israélien.
25 Feb 2010

MASHAV is working on plans to establish an Israeli Children's Village in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Israel Ambassador Radian at opening of temporary school in Haiti (Photo: MFA)

Israel Ambassador Radian at opening of temporary school in Haiti (Photo: MFA)

The Israeli government has decided to continue its official assistance to Haiti as part of the global effort of reconstruction of the country. This will be coordinated through MASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Israeli ambassador in Santo Domingo, Amos Radian, is in contact with the authorities in Haiti to find an appropriate site for building an Israeli Children's Village and to obtain the necessary approval. The project plans include an elementary school that will operate in two shifts; a playground/sports field; and a medical center. The site could also be utilized for conducting evening adult education classes. A planned community center will work with youngsters on post trauma treatment and counseling, psychological rehabilitation and afternoon activities.

In coordination with the mayor of Port au Prince, a local principal and teaching staff will be recruited for the school, which will be comprised of 6-8 classrooms (between 30-50 students per class). They will be joined by professionals from Israel and, possibly, volunteer teachers from Jewish communities around the world. Meals will be provided to the school through an arrangement with various NGOs.

Other current Israeli aid efforts in Haiti:

• On 18 February, a school serving 400 pupils was opened in the IDF tent compound that was left in place after the initial emergency relief efforts in January. The school, the third temporary school to be opened, was organized by Natan - the Israeli Coalition for International Humanitarian Aid. Approximately 1500 pupils are attending the schools that have been opened so far. Teachers have also been trained in how to treat the children for trauma.

Photos: MFA, IsraAid

• Latet (lit. "To Give"), another Israeli organization for international aid, is active in establishing schools and providing medical care in the stricken areas.

• Tevel b'Tzedek, under the auspices of IsraAID, is also involved in the ongoing humanitarian aid efforts in Haiti, especially post-trauma treatment in the refugee camps, together with the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma of Herzog Hospital.

• Five-year-old girl gets "back on her feet" with help from Israeli team:

Photos: IsraAid

When the earthquake struck Haiti a month ago, five-year-old Simmorville Keture was buried underneath her home. Simmorville survived, but her right leg had to be amputated. For a month, she lay helpless in bed among the many wounded, until therapists from ALYN Hospital came with the IsraAID relief team. Within minutes after being provided with crutches, treated and taught to stand, Simmorville began to walk, astonishing the local hospital staff

The medical professionals from ALYN, an Israeli rehabilitation center for physically disabled children and adolescents, arrived in Haiti on Wednesday, February 17, to examine and evaluate the type and number of injuries and amputations, as well as to assess the abilities of the local medical staff in Haiti to carry out the necessary rehabilitation of its people. ALYN Hospital has considerable expertise in treating orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries and head traumas - and particularly in rehabilitating children with prosthetics.

About IsraAID
IsraAID is a coordinating body of Israeli and Jewish NGOs who are concerned about global issues and active in development and relief work. IsraAID was founded in 2001 and consists of 16 Israeli and Jewish organizations from around the world. IsraAID's members believe in providing humanitarian aid worldwide to people in need, regardless of religion, race, gender, nationality, age and type of disability.
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About ALYN Hospital
ALYN Hospital is Israel's premiere comprehensive rehabilitation center for physically disabled children, adolescents and young adults.   ALYN Hospital is unique in both what it offers and how it offers rehabilitation.  All of the necessary rehabilitation services (medical, para-medical and educational) are under one roof and the staff combines expertise with love to help each child reach his or her highest possible levels of mobility and independence.

About Tevel b'Tzedek
Tevel b'Tzedek is a pioneering Israeli NGO working on issues of social and environmental justice. It is the first Israeli NGO to bring Israeli and Diaspora Jews together to study and work in developing countries and at home in order to eliminate poverty and develop a Jewish approach to justice in a global world. Tevel b'Tzedek's projects integrate education, youth and women's empowerment, health, agriculture and income generation in order to revive marginalized communities in Nepal, Israel and now Haiti.

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