Month: April 2020

Apple iPhone Tips: How Do I Remove Apps from Siri Suggestions?

Every iPhone user – even those using iOS 12 – has the opportunity to enjoy helpful services from Siri, a virtual voice assistant that is available on all Apple products. Siri can help you with a lot of things and help you enjoy your iPhone more. The voice-controlled virtual assistant can answer questions, provide suggestions, set reminders, and perform a whole lot of other functions.

Not everyone uses Siri, though, as some people may decide to disable it. But, once you choose to use this virtual assistant, it continuously makes helpful suggestions for you. It analyzes how you use the apps and suggests you remove those that are unnecessary. However, getting continuous suggestions to remove an app you do not want to may begin to bother you. At such point, all you want to do is shut Siri up from suggesting that you remove an app.

If Siri’s suggestion about removing an app is beginning to bother you, you may want to stop or restrict this activity to align with your preferences. Here are a few tricks you can use to disable apps from Siri suggestions.

How to Remove Apps from Siri Suggestions

Customize Your Siri App Suggestions

Go to Settings, scroll to Siri’s Search button, and tap it. Scroll down till you see a list of apps that show up in the Siri Suggestions. These are the apps Siri has access to. Disable an individual app to prevent it from showing up in Siri Search, Look Up, and Keyboard.

When you click an app you want to remove from Siri’s suggestions, it takes you to the next screen where you will see Search & Suggestions. Tap the button opposite it to stop getting suggestions about it from Siri. A disabled app stops coming up in Siri search. For example, if you disable Files app, it will no longer show in a search or anywhere else.

Turn Off Siri App Suggestions

Go to Settings, scroll down to Siri’s Search button, and tap it. There are three options under Siri suggestions, and you need to turn them all off. The options are Suggestions in Search, Suggestions in Look Up, and Suggestions on Lock Screen. These options may be two (Search and Look Up) on other devices depending on other settings. Tap on the green buttons opposite the options to turn them off. This will disable Siri from suggesting apps for removal.

Disable Siri Suggestions Widget

You can as well decide to disable the Siri Suggestions widget on your phone to be free from app removal suggestions. From the Home Screen, swipe to the right to access your Today View screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Edit. You will see a list of your widgets appear.

Then locate the Siri widget and tap the red minus button beside it, after which a Remove button shows on the right. Tap this button to remove Siri Suggestions widget. Tap Done at the top right corner to save the changes. Do not forget to tap the Done button, as your changes won’t reflect if you don’t.

How to Find Work from Home Call Representative Jobs

Call centre representative jobs are flexible jobs you can do anywhere. You do not have to be restricted to an office space to do your job effectively. Companies are now beginning to recognize the benefits of home call representatives and are looking to employ more people to do the job. It shouldn’t be difficult to land a home call representative job, as both employee and business owners enjoy the benefits alike.

The emergence of more e-commerce stores calls for the need for all-round-the-clock representation, by phone and via online chat, which has opened more opportunities for call representative and live chat e-commerce jobs, as customers now want to get their questions answered quickly and their opinions attended to without leaving their homes.

These remote workers perform equal tasks as those in an office setting. They take orders and sell for online retail businesses, handle e-commerce live chat conversations, provide technical support, and make reservations and all necessary services in their job description.

If you are looking to be a work from home call representative, here are some helpful tips to help you land a job.

How to Get Work from Home Call Representative Jobs

Start by Writing a Great Cover Letter

Work from home call representative or e-commerce live chat jobs do not require specific prior education or experience, but you are required to have basic interpersonal skills. Write a cover letter selling your best skills, including calmness, patience, great communication skills, emotional intelligence, speech proficiency, and multitasking. A cover letter with these skills can capture the attention of this type of employer.

You Must Have a Friendly Tone and Personality

You will be talking and chatting with people, so you need to develop a friendly tone and personality. E-commerce businesses only want to hire personable representatives that can give hope to a frustrated customer by being friendly and light-hearted while maintaining the brand’s personality and upselling their products.

Be Available

Availability is an important requirement for anyone who wants to land a work from home call representative or e-commerce live chat job. Call centers are open 24/7, so tell your potential employer the schedule you can manage.

To enhance your chance of getting picked by an employer, you must be responsive. Don’t leave your messages for long hours unattended. It only shows the character you will put on while on your job.

Search for Opportunities

Almost any online business or e-commerce store has a call center, so you should invest time in searching for opportunities in companies that make use of call centers. Call centers are common to retail businesses and e-commerce stores where you are required to take orders, manage deliveries and returns, make reservations, and more. Check for a job listing on the company’s website or use a job board website like Monster or Indeed.

Research and Get First-hand Information About the Company

Call center representative jobs and e-commerce live chat jobs require smart individuals. Act smart by learning about the company before getting face to face or holding a phone conversation with them. Learn about the products they sell and the services they offer to show how much you are interested in working with them. They want someone knowledgeable, so be prepared to show them that much.

Best Innovation Investment Opportunities

Twenty-first-century investors have the best innovation investment opportunities, and we currently live in the most innovative era ever witnessed. Technology has gone mainstream, and we have a hub of connectivity that has opened us to the world of innovation. There have never been more impressionable innovation investment opportunities than we have in this century.

The smartest move any individual investor or CIO can make is to try to be more futuristic about tech. Think of the ability of this innovation in years to come and what problems it could solve. Meanwhile, innovation investment doesn’t always mean money investment, as innovation processes may require money, time and human resources, and more. There are lots of innovations out there, but only a few are worth putting your money into. Keep reading to find out more.

3 Innovation Investment Opportunities


Vaping has become a major trend today. The number is rapidly increasing, making it a smart innovation investment you can put your money on. The last few years have witnessed a rapid rise in the number of people who constantly use vapes and other e-cigarette items. According to the BBC, the number of vapes increased from 7 million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018, and it’s still on the rise. Euromonitor has estimated the number of adults who vape to reach 51 million by 2021. The e-cigarette market is growing and expanding. Vapers in France, the U.S., and the United Kingdom spent over $10 billion on e-cigarette products and smokeless tobacco in 2018.

Stores all over the world are flooding their shelves with vapes and e-cigarette accessories. Vape flavors have taken over the cloud of smoke that you’d find almost everywhere some years back. There is a raging success in this market as it has a large fan base. However, recent news claims have made it clear that e-cigarettes are dangerous to your health. So opt to invest in e-cigarette and vaping companies that only sell natural products, such as CBD vape oil.

Smart Home Solutions

Things have gotten a lot smarter these days. Technology has upgraded into giving us seamless living experience in our homes and now; there are smart home solutions that combine technologies including temperature and humidity regulator, smart TV, smart doorbells, smart alarm system, and surveillance cameras in your home. Homeowners can easily navigate internet-connected devices to enable remote management and monitoring of all appliances and systems in their homes.

There is a high revenue in the smart home market. The revenue amounts to $90,968 million in 2020. Revenue is expected to show a 15% annual growth rate, which by 2024 will amount to a market volume of $158,876 million. Investing in one of the smart home top companies is a great innovation investment opportunity right now and, in the future, to come.


It doesn’t seem like we can accomplish anything without the right software. Software has been an excellent choice of investment. It cuts across every firm, so an investment in a software or software company right now is one of the biggest opportunities you can take.

Companies use software to report and manage data, manage portfolios, handle accounting, model financials, and many more. Hospitals use software to keep patients and staff information. Individuals also use software. The software business is flourishing, and it is impressively easy to grab opportunities and make an entrance into the software market.

Which innovation investment opportunity will you pursue?

Why You Should Support Your Local Cigar Business

Cigar business has and will continue to face controversy. However, it is impressive to see that it stays strong rising with the public’s demand. There are laws and restrictions on smoking, especially for people underage, but these laws have only helped cigar shops expand their spaces and lounges to accommodate adults who love to enjoy tobacco products.

Just like every local business, operating a local cigar business may also have its challenges. Cigars are a high-end specialty product and peaks the interest of people who has special interests.

A local cigar business needs the support of locals. Supporting your local cigar business has benefits that you can’t enjoy from national chains. Here are some reasons to support your local cigar business.

5 Pros of Shopping at a Local Cigar Business

It Offers Product Transparency

Many people think the best products are those you find on TV advertisements, radio advertisements, etc., but this may not be true. The product you buy online may not obey the manufacturing codes of your state or community, but a locally made product certainly will because it is well inspected and tested before being allowed into the market. The cigar made within your community obeys the manufacturing code and ethics while putting your health interest at heart.

It Supports the Economy’s Backbone

Cigar business is profitable and is one of the businesses that can improve an economy. Mike’s Cigars, a popular cigar business in Miami, Florida, sells 1.5 million cigars each year and has an annual revenue of tens of millions. This local cigar business significantly supports the local economy. So, supporting your local cigar business can help build a sustainable local economy to make your community thrive.

It Promotes Originality

The world is dominated by chain cigar products. Supporting your local business brings originality and variety to the community. Local cigars do something different than their chain competitors, so you get to enjoy something better and unique to your community. You get to enjoy a unique product other than chain products.

You Know the People Making Your Cigars

Don’t you feel safer knowing the people making your cigar? The owner of the business and the workers are your neighbors. They care about the wellness of the people and the community. Even if they don’t make them by hand, your local cigar business will ensure it imports only the best and finest handmade cigars.

It is Accountable to the People

Like all local businesses, cigar businesses are accountable to the people. They donate money to charity and non-profit organizations. If you support your local business, the local community will enjoy as much support as they give. By supporting these businesses instead of national chains, you can maintain a sustainable support system within your community.While you are enjoying your local cigar, Solaray has developed a natural supplement that supports your natural respiratory cleansing process. You need to care for your respiratory system to prevent respiratory disease that may stem from smoking. Use Solaray’s Total Cleanse Respiratory Formula to improve your natural respiratory process and stay healthy. If you decide that you or a loved one needs help to stop smoking, the CDC ‘s tips can help. Good luck!