Month: May 2020

Using Online Communities for Small Business Networking

No small business survives on its own. In order to succeed, they need support and advice from time to time. Using online communities for small business networking can increase your business’s chance for success and for growth.

Here are some ways online communities can help small business networking efforts.

5 Pros to Small Businesses Networking

Access to Helpful Information

Online business communities offer a wealth of information that can be beneficial to small businesses and small business owners. Many of these communities have a resource center where you can find information on marketing, strategies for growth, building a website, and other relevant information.

In addition, there is usually a means for small business owners and managers to communicate with one another and discuss challenges with their businesses, brainstorm solutions, and offer one another advice and encouragement.

Great Support

Everyone needs support and a large part of small business networking is getting the support you need to take your business to the next level. Online communities can give small businesses the support and advice they need to take their business to the next level.

Online communities often have forums, and online discussions that you can take part in giving you the ability to ask questions of people who have been where you want to be. Having support can help you stay the course and achieve your business goals. In addition, it often helps simply knowing that someone understands what you are going through.

Free Online Tools to Use

Online communities also make great marketing tools. While you should never join an online business community in the hope of finding potential clients or customers, there is always the possibility that someone who belongs to a community could have need of your goods and services. So you should make sure when you join an online community that you make a solid profile and take part in the forums and discussions.

A Chance to Build Working Relationships

Online communities are great networking resources since you have the opportunity to build relationships and add people to your business network. Networking allows you to generate business leads over a period of time.

You will also meet some amazing people and may be able to join with one or two of them for a joint venture or may be able to work out a way to cross recommend your business.

Choosing the Right Online Communities

There are a number of different online communities for small businesses so it is important that you choose the right online communities for your small business networking. Look for communities that have similar or related businesses to your business as part of the community. You also want a community with active members that really participate in the forums and discussions. Unless the members of the online community are active, you will simply be wasting your time joining.

Once you join the online community make sure that you become an active member so that you are giving the same benefits to others that you are receiving.

Super Networking Strategies For Your Career

Career networking is an art that can be acquired through practice and commitment. Here are some super networking strategies that can help you achieve everything you want in your career.

4 Super Networking Tips

Take the Time to Learn Different Networking Techniques

One of the best super networking strategies for your career is to simply take the time to learn different networking techniques. You can do this by attending different networking events (as many as possible). By attending such events, you will be able observe how various people network. You can learn a lot by watching others network and observing what techniques they use and the ones that tend to be most successful.

In addition, by attending these events you will meet a number of interesting people, some who may become part of the network either now or in the future.

Work on Becoming a Naturally Nice Person and Treat with Everyone with Respect

No matter what your career path, you are going to meet a lot of people, many of which you may not feel can be helpful to your career. However, you never know what the future holds, so it is best to treat everyone you meet with genuine respect and niceness because you never know who can help you in your career down the road.

When you treat people with the same respect you would want, you create a positive lasting impression in the people you may work with even for a short period of time. You need to build your professional credibility person by person.

Become a Giver

Many people build their network based on who they think can help them to get ahead. However, this super networking strategy is to view networking like any other relationship, understanding that it is truly a give and take relationship. You want to become a giver among your network, giving of your time, your advice, referrals, and recommendations. After all, you are bound to hear about jobs that are not right for your career path, but can help others in your network. Telling those people about possible jobs and even giving them a referral – on LinkedIn, for example – is one of the best ways to build a strong network whose members are open to helping one another.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Another super networking strategy is to keep the lines of communication open with every member of your network. Make time to meet members of your network face to face periodically, and in between those meetings keep touch by touch by phone or email.

During communication with members of your network, don’t focus solely on business, but let those in your network see that you care about them as people. Ask about their families, special events in their life, and share snippets of yours. Listen more than you talk and be ready to offer help when needed.

By practicing these super networking strategies, you will find that you are building a stronger network that will help you to meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Expert Innovation Roundtables Will Inspire Business Leaders

Expert innovation roundtables were started to help ensure that the U.S. remains a global leader in innovation. In order to accomplish that goal, these roundtables bring together experts in a wide variety of business industries in order to seek new ways to encourage established corporations to open up to the idea of innovation as a part of their usual policies.

Why Talk About Innovation?

One idea that has sprung up from these roundtable discussions is the idea that established corporations join forces with new innovative and agile startups in order to bring fresh product and business ideas.

The main focus of these discussions have focused on the idea that corporate innovation labs need to provide the right type of incentives for start ups to want to join forces with your corporation. This means offering these start ups support for their innovative ideas, their processes, and in some cases even financial support.

While corporations need to provide support to startup companies, they also need to allow the startup to have enough autonomy to be innovative. Applying the same rules to their innovation labs and startup companies as they do to their day-to-day corporate business is simply not going to work. 

These innovative roundtables have brought forth the idea that corporations need to quit viewing innovation as disruptive to their business and begin to accept the idea that in order to achieve big innovation ideas, corporations need to invest time and allow for experimentation and failure in order to reach the peak of innovative successes.

The Future of Innovation

The upcoming areas of innovation that corporations need to focus on are in the fields of artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and health care. These are the fields where real innovation is needed and where innovative startup companies are focusing their energies. These are the fields that will contribute to the biggest technology changes in the future.

In order to make innovation a priority, these roundtable discussions need to continue in order to encourage corporations to relax some of their rules in certain situations in order to fully be able to create an atmosphere where innovative ideas are valued and innovation can flourish. The need to continue to push the envelope and embrace those startup companies that have young out-of-the-box thinkers who are willing to take the risks that are necessary to develop the latest innovation that will keep the U.S. leading the way not only in business, but in the fields of technology, medicine, and beyond.

It is only through being able to embrace new ideas and those people who have those ideas that this country can continue to be a leading influence in the development of new technologies that will help people live better and more successful lives. Continuing innovation roundtables will help provide great ideas to businesses on how to attract the very best of the more innovative start up companies to move these corporations and the world forward.

Is Google Fiber Still a Thing?

Google Fiber was first launched in 2010 and at its inception promised to drastically speed up internet access across the United States. At one time, Google Fiber seemed to be the greatest broadband provider to hit the internet. So what happened?

Limited Availability

In 2017 and 2018, Google Fiber ran into difficulties and realized that bringing their broadband to every home and business was simply not possible.

However, in the locations where Google Fiber is present, it continually outperforms other broadband providers speeding up Internet access for their customers beyond what other providers can provide. While Google Fiber is still around and going strong in some locations, it failed to deliver on its early promise to bring high speed internet access to every home and business, and today it only provides services to select areas.

So not everyone can get access to Google Fiber. However, in the areas that Google Fiber does serve it provides fast excellent internet services for a fair and reasonable price.

Fiber that DOES Work

Although Google Fiber may not have lived up to its initial promise, Fiber Plex certainly does.

Of course, unlike Google Fiber Fiber Plex is not a broadband provider, but is actually a fiber supplement from Douglas Laboratories.

Fiber Plex is a natural fiber supplement that contains soluble fiber that works as a natural laxative, helping to prevent constipation and supply you with fiber that may be missing in your diet.

Another great working fiber supplement is Integrative Therapeutics Fiber Formula by Integrative Therapeutics. This fiber formula does not contain clay and is designed to cleanse your system of toxins and help to keep you regular.

Although at first glance these fiber supplements and Google Fiber have nothing in common, you can actually make some positive comparisons between Google Fiber and these fiber supplements.

The Link Between the Two

  • Just as Google is considered to be a high quality company, so are Douglas Laboratories and Integrative Therapeutics.
  • These supplements are geared to the needs of their customers, and Google Fiber also puts their customers as their prime consideration.
  • While fiber supplements help your body to perform better, Google Fiber helps improve internet performance.

In today’s world, when so many products and services fail to provide the quality that customers want and deserve, it is good to know that there are companies out there who go out of their way to provide their customers with the kind of quality that they deserve and need. Both Douglas Laboratories and Integrative Therapeutics are such companies, and so is Google Fiber.

While Google Fiber didn’t turn into the giant broadband provider the country was expecting, it does deliver excellent services to the areas it covers. And since no one can predict the future, we may still one day see Google Fiber being an option for every home and business in the country. In the meantime, those areas that do have Google Fiber are glad that speedy internet access is available to meet their needs.