Month: November 2020

Upcoming Virtual Public Relations Networking Events, NYC

February has been dubbed as the “Get Off Your Butt and Network Month.” There are lots of Public Relations Networking Events that took place in New York City.

New York has a huge population, and it doesn’t make networking simpler. You could have issues knowing where to begin.

You can kick off by visiting one of the regular events which attract lots of shakers and movers. There are different entrance fees, and you might need a membership, but it isn’t required every time. What you need to do becomes familiar with a few people.

List of Upcoming Virtual ‘Public Relations Networking Events, NYC’

1. NY Tech Meetup’s Demo Night

NYC has Tech Meetup Demo Nights monthly which draw about 800 attendees. Make sure you go with a friend and get your ticket. There you’ll get to know about the hottest startups in the city. This NYC Tech Meetup which is ten years old hosts a group of other events all year long. They all include nights of the demo which premiers discussions especially for ladies in the tech world.

2. New York Ladies in Communications

New York Ladies in Communications is a friendly student program that doesn’t work to get profit, and it supports women in every area of the communications industry. Monthly Conversations and Cocktails allow ample time to greet and meet before talking about current industry topics with guest speakers. This membership grants programming access and discounts to members at events. There are lots of opportunities for nonmembers to taste things like speed mentoring and Twitter chats weekly.

3. The NYC Business Networking Groups Grade-A Networking Mixer

Business owners of small businesses, B2B services, and other executives provide meetings towards the monthly Grade-A Mixer for Networking. This regularly welcomes more than 100 professionals. This is a freestyle. Make sure you get beverages so you’ll have fun at the show.

4. Online News Association New York City

You don’t need to be a member of this program before you can attend ONA‘s regular workshops and panels. Editors and reporters would find programming quite relevant. Attendees include a blend of freelancers, newsroom veterans, data enthusiasts, and photographers. When you get to these presentations, it is advised you mingle. Some of these individuals are topped with happy hours.

5. Networking for Professionals’ High-Speed Networking

At Networking for Professionals‘ high-speed networking, you don’t need to start striking conversation. Here all you need to do is get down to business. Talk about what you can do and possible clients would contact you. This is the type of networking platform people that are shy would enjoy. It is a two-hour program, and it makes you mingle even if you do not want to. It also hosts monthly Stirrers and Shakers for networking to be in a more relaxed place. You can also scope out confirmed attendees and their situations before it is time for the event to begin.

This is the list of the Upcoming Virtual Public Relations Networking Events, NYC.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home Office

Lots of us love working from home, and for people like us, we need an office at home. It could be a kitchen table or a designated room. You need to keep an eye out for the amount of energy your home office makes use of.

There are several cost advantages one enjoys working from home. The money you would save alone on transportation and all those lunches are enough for you to create a home office. But the areas where you could cut more costs are the amounts of energy your home consumes and that of your home office.

Tips to save energy for your Home Office

1. Get a laptop

Instead of making use of a desktop that consumes a lot of energy, get a laptop. Make use of one that has a high-efficiency rating. Laptops on a good day use five times fewer amounts of electricity. It consumes about 14-24 watts of power while it is on. But a desktop makes use of about 68 W. When the laptops are on sleep mode, they make use of only 1-2 W.

2. Activate computer power settings

Make your laptop or computer consume less energy by changing its power settings. If your laptop is not active because of a phone call, change the settings so it’ll turn to standby mode after some time passes. This consumes less amount of energy than it would when it is fully on.

3. Make use of a power board

You could connect all your home office devices like your lamp, printer, computer into a power board. This way, after you turn each one-off, you can switch them all off using the outlet with a button. The energy wasted by-products which are connected into a power outlet could cost about a hundred dollars annually.

4. Get the right light

Make use of compactor LED lights for your home office. These compared to incandescent bulbs make use of less electricity. Try using a single lamp instead of multiple lights. Try positioning your desk if you can directly next to the window so natural light can be maximized.

5. Make use of power banks

If you make use of your phone while you work, you would need a power bank. It doesn’t take up a lot of energy. And it would be nice to stay off your sockets while you work to get some funds into your account from working at your home office.

6. Shut your doors

If all you do all day is to stay home working, then it’ll be best if you shut your doors. By shutting your doors, if you are making use of an Air Conditioner in heat periods, all the cool air will simply stay in your room.

Working from home could be the best way for you to work and minimize costs. You need to manage your energy costs because if you live like you own the power supply company, you would just be losing money you should be saving.

How to Stay Focused and Organize Your Home Office

If you’re used to working in a typical office, you’ll get tired of sitting under bright lights and the basic annoying cubicle that was bland, sterile, and completely boring. Working from your own home means you can maintain and design your office exactly the way you’ll enjoy it properly.

Tips on How to Stay Focused and Organize Your Home Office

Get your desk and clean it. Get brand new work supplies like paper, pens, and all. If possible, get a new laptop, mouse, and keyboard too.

1. Don’t make it advanced.

Get rid of all items that are personal to you from the desk. Get space to store these things. Donate, recycle, and keep possessions that are good but you don’t immediately need. 

2. Talk with understanding so your co-workers know of your work venue change. 

Having a workspace that is dedicated can help you enter the mood for working rapidly. This lets you be more productive and it increases your focus levels. A home office could be anywhere, the dining room, your former closet, even that little space under the staircase.

3. Make sure your workspace isn’t your personal space.

Make use of a curtain if necessary. It is simple to implement and it doesn’t cost much. When it is work time, draw the curtain and let the ass-kicking begin. After you are done for the day, then you can pull back the curtain and get rid of work from your mind and sight.

4. Make use of a Sit at the Work desk.

Your private paperwork should be in a different room or second desk. If this can’t work then you need to get a new storage and filing system in your office for work and personal items.

5. A system is very important.

The workload can swallow you like that. That’s easy. That’s simple. You need an organized system that you can follow through. If you don’t do this, you and your work life will suffer. Make sure you invest in a system so everything will be kept where they are supposed to be.

6. You need vertical thinking.

You need to store anything and everything. That’s very important in all offices. No matter the paperwork you put online, you would still have some documents around your work office. You will also need stamps, pens, and other items physically to make your office at home more functional.

7. As you plan, don’t empty your savings account.

Organizing and furnishing your office at home needs to be affordable. You need to creatively think about the things in your office and try getting items that could triple or double your duty.

Now we all know the tips on How to Stay Focused and Organize Your Home Office. You also need to keep your home office clean. This way you work better and enjoy yourself.

To top off your preparations, but sure to get a supply of Focus for Adults by Solaray.