Apple iPhone Tips: How Do I Remove Apps from Siri Suggestions?

Every iPhone user – even those using iOS 12 – has the opportunity to enjoy helpful services from Siri, a virtual voice assistant that is available on all Apple products. Siri can help you with a lot of things and help you enjoy your iPhone more. The voice-controlled virtual assistant can answer questions, provide suggestions, set reminders, and perform a whole lot of other functions.

Not everyone uses Siri, though, as some people may decide to disable it. But, once you choose to use this virtual assistant, it continuously makes helpful suggestions for you. It analyzes how you use the apps and suggests you remove those that are unnecessary. However, getting continuous suggestions to remove an app you do not want to may begin to bother you. At such point, all you want to do is shut Siri up from suggesting that you remove an app.

If Siri’s suggestion about removing an app is beginning to bother you, you may want to stop or restrict this activity to align with your preferences. Here are a few tricks you can use to disable apps from Siri suggestions.

How to Remove Apps from Siri Suggestions

Customize Your Siri App Suggestions

Go to Settings, scroll to Siri’s Search button, and tap it. Scroll down till you see a list of apps that show up in the Siri Suggestions. These are the apps Siri has access to. Disable an individual app to prevent it from showing up in Siri Search, Look Up, and Keyboard.

When you click an app you want to remove from Siri’s suggestions, it takes you to the next screen where you will see Search & Suggestions. Tap the button opposite it to stop getting suggestions about it from Siri. A disabled app stops coming up in Siri search. For example, if you disable Files app, it will no longer show in a search or anywhere else.

Turn Off Siri App Suggestions

Go to Settings, scroll down to Siri’s Search button, and tap it. There are three options under Siri suggestions, and you need to turn them all off. The options are Suggestions in Search, Suggestions in Look Up, and Suggestions on Lock Screen. These options may be two (Search and Look Up) on other devices depending on other settings. Tap on the green buttons opposite the options to turn them off. This will disable Siri from suggesting apps for removal.

Disable Siri Suggestions Widget

You can as well decide to disable the Siri Suggestions widget on your phone to be free from app removal suggestions. From the Home Screen, swipe to the right to access your Today View screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Edit. You will see a list of your widgets appear.

Then locate the Siri widget and tap the red minus button beside it, after which a Remove button shows on the right. Tap this button to remove Siri Suggestions widget. Tap Done at the top right corner to save the changes. Do not forget to tap the Done button, as your changes won’t reflect if you don’t.