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How to Ask Someone to be Your Valentine

At this moment, right now. I have a million crushes on a variety of people. But there is this one particular person that I can’t wait to tell. I have a crush on him. Who knows, I might keep this piece and show him when that day comes. But anyway, oh well. This piece would talk about how you can ask someone, a crush probably, to be your valentine. So you could have the magical valentine of your dreams. Stick with this piece till the end, okay?.

List of ways you can ask someone to be your valentine 

You might have had an intense crush on someone, and you do not know how to let them know. You could either leave a note or bake them a heart-shaped cookie, or you could just happily and peacefully tell them you want them to be your valentine. There are various ways you could do this. It is all up to you. Just make sure you are as natural as you could be. 

You could try creating a handmade card. 

When you want someone to know about your true intentions, it is never wrong to try and make something brand new for yourself. It gets to show your crush that you are intentional about being with them. You could also keep things simple. It is the things you say on the card that matter. If you are not artistic, you could make use of some red construction paper. You could then fold it into two and then make use of it as your card. You could also paint, draw or create a collage using it. Make sure you get creative all through the process of making the valentine card. 

If you already know that your crush enjoys an activity or an animal, you could use a collage based on either the activity or the animal they like. 

You could write them a simple text or a long note. 

You could ask your guy or man to be your valentine by writing specific things on your card. For instance, you could write “Would you be… ” and that can be on the front part of your card. Then my valentine could also be a part of the note. 

How will I personally ask my crush to be my valentine? 

Well, let’s see. I would give him signals. You know, let him know that, hey, this person right here has been having eyes for you for a very long time. I could ask him to be my valentine by bringing up a conversation about the holiday. It should be fun. You know, I could get to understand his thoughts and his ideas on the entire issue you see. I can also know the things he loves to eat. Then I could make him a meal and then, while we are eating, brooch the topic and ask him. Or I could ask him while we are watching a movie. There are a million ways to do this, you see.