How to Do an Internet Health Check?

Over the years, the technology sector has progressed extraordinarily with new devices and swift internet services being introduced. Today, our life has become dependent on the internet. Apart from academic institutions and corporate offices, even our home appliances require an internet connection to operate. But, what happens when there is some issue with the network connectivity or if the speed has become extremely slow. 

Sluggish internet speed or prolonged disconnection may cease loads of our work as it has impacted our lives profoundly. Numerous questions may arise in this situation for instance, is the battery of the laptop draining? or should we switch to another ISP. Therefore we must be able to figure out the problem so that we can resume our work immediately. Instead of jumping to conclusions, the first thing that we should do is to check internet health.  

So here are some frequently asked queries that would help you solve the issue;

How to Do an Internet Health Check?

The internet health check can be performed, by running a speed test. Through this test, we can quickly determine if there is a glitch with the internet service provider (ISP) or with the device. The speed is measured, in terms of mega bites per second abbreviated as Mbps. It demonstrates the velocity at which our internet server permits us to download or upload the documents. 

Now, to be more specific, the internet speed test can be conducted through numerous online websites that do it for free. As an alternative, you can install the application for the device you want to run the test. After the application has been installed, there are few basic steps that you have to perform to check the speed;

  1. Click on the application icon on the screen.  
  2. Make sure that the device has full access to the internet connection
  3. Click the “start” button. 

After clicking the “start” option, the speed test gets initiated. So at first, the download speed is analyzed, followed by the upload speed. In a matter of seconds, the results are displayed on the screen. These results get saved in the app as well.

How Can We Get the Most Exact Internet Speed?

Although there are numerous options available to check the health of the internet but how to obtain accurate speed should be a concern. So, here are some ways through which we can get the most precise measurement of internet speed;

  1. Make sure to stop the automatic downloading during the speed test. Certain apps update or download automatically utilizing the internet. If these files are not closed or turned off, then an inaccurate speed test reading will be obtained.
  2. To get an accurate internet speed, no other device must have an internet connection. It may also produce an inexact reading due to the continuous usage of internet services.

It is also imperative that you should know how to interpret the speed test results before calling your internet service provider (ISP).