people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Technology has changed the way humans work, communicate and generally live their life. It has had a huge impact on the upcoming generations but the contrast exists. According to multiple studies, a huge number of people resist from adopting new tech brands. It has been identified that most of the Americans prefer to go with a familiar brand rather than opting a new brand. There are, however, many people who are comfortable with trying new products and brands only when they have heard god review about it though multiple platforms, only then they are willing to give it try. As the world keeps evolving continuously, with the passage of time there are countless innovations being made, the technology keeps changing, evolving and growing. 

Indeed we can say that there is a lot of societal pressure for continuous upgrades, updates and renovations while on the other hand; there is pressure on continuity, traditions, handed down techniques and methods.  There are multiple factor which bound people to resist these technological evolutions and changes. Scientists have also highlighted psychological factors that make it difficult for the people to adjust to the continuously evolving technological world.

Revolutionary Pace Of Change In Technologies

In this era we experience change which is ten times faster than all the previous times. The technological changes are brought forward within no time. It takes just a bit for our technicians to start working and paving way for new beginnings while on the other hand the people take time to adjust and get comfortable around such changes. The innovations take lace too soon while the people have rigid mindsets which makes it harder for them to adopt these changes. Generation Z is however, a very tech purvey generation which is highly dependent on such technology and innovations. 

Humans are very protective of themselves, they do not wholesomely accept and adapt to changes that can in any way harm them which is why many people around us are very hesitant when it comes to embracing new technology.  Another reason is that people take time to build a considerably acceptable and soft environment round themselves, anything that can cause a shift to that environment posse’s threat to them and their security which is why; technologies that bring around huge changes are often not accepted wholeheartedly by these people. Many people tend to live in the shelter that they have built for themselves and never intend to come out of it. This means that embracing the new technology is the hardest for such people. Many people around the world also possesses a very fixed mindset, anything that goes beyond their values and upbringing is incomprehensible for them and at the same time unacceptable, such people find it the hardest to adopt to such rapidly evolving technologies.

The effect of these technologies on the future is yet another thing one should be concerned about. Technology has made us so dependent that we find it utterly incomprehensible to have a world without it. This alternatively means that in future the human employment rate would fall; the new technology will be replacing us. If we ponder on this, we may realize that the technology can be a big danger to our future.

Nevertheless technology has evolved during these eras greatly and has in many ways made life easier across the globe.