Is Google Fiber Still a Thing?

Google Fiber was first launched in 2010 and at its inception promised to drastically speed up internet access across the United States. At one time, Google Fiber seemed to be the greatest broadband provider to hit the internet. So what happened?

Limited Availability

In 2017 and 2018, Google Fiber ran into difficulties and realized that bringing their broadband to every home and business was simply not possible.

However, in the locations where Google Fiber is present, it continually outperforms other broadband providers speeding up Internet access for their customers beyond what other providers can provide. While Google Fiber is still around and going strong in some locations, it failed to deliver on its early promise to bring high speed internet access to every home and business, and today it only provides services to select areas.

So not everyone can get access to Google Fiber. However, in the areas that Google Fiber does serve it provides fast excellent internet services for a fair and reasonable price.

Fiber that DOES Work

Although Google Fiber may not have lived up to its initial promise, Fiber Plex certainly does.

Of course, unlike Google Fiber Fiber Plex is not a broadband provider, but is actually a fiber supplement from Douglas Laboratories.

Fiber Plex is a natural fiber supplement that contains soluble fiber that works as a natural laxative, helping to prevent constipation and supply you with fiber that may be missing in your diet.

Another great working fiber supplement is Integrative Therapeutics Fiber Formula by Integrative Therapeutics. This fiber formula does not contain clay and is designed to cleanse your system of toxins and help to keep you regular.

Although at first glance these fiber supplements and Google Fiber have nothing in common, you can actually make some positive comparisons between Google Fiber and these fiber supplements.

The Link Between the Two

  • Just as Google is considered to be a high quality company, so are Douglas Laboratories and Integrative Therapeutics.
  • These supplements are geared to the needs of their customers, and Google Fiber also puts their customers as their prime consideration.
  • While fiber supplements help your body to perform better, Google Fiber helps improve internet performance.

In today’s world, when so many products and services fail to provide the quality that customers want and deserve, it is good to know that there are companies out there who go out of their way to provide their customers with the kind of quality that they deserve and need. Both Douglas Laboratories and Integrative Therapeutics are such companies, and so is Google Fiber.

While Google Fiber didn’t turn into the giant broadband provider the country was expecting, it does deliver excellent services to the areas it covers. And since no one can predict the future, we may still one day see Google Fiber being an option for every home and business in the country. In the meantime, those areas that do have Google Fiber are glad that speedy internet access is available to meet their needs.