iTouch Sport Smart Watch Pros and Cons

The iTouch Sport Smart Watch is more than just something that tells time, it is basically a wearable computer that allows you to use for a number of different activities. The iTouch Sport Smartwatch not only allows you to know the time, it also allows you to track your steps, monitor your health, access notification from your smartphone, control music, and has a micro USB rechargeable battery making the iTouch Sport Smart Watch a pretty impressive item to own and wear too. 

But like any other technological devices, the iTouch Sport Smart Watch has its pros and cons. Let’s look at what people like and don’t like about this watch.

Pros of the iTouch Sport Smart Watch

There are many different things that individuals really like about this watch. Here are some of the things that they found beneficial.

  • Most users like the fact that this watch comes with lots of features, giving them more bang for their buck.
  • Users find that the iTouch Sport Smart Watch is made from good quality materials, including the face and the band.
  • The app needed to use this watch is quite easy to download. Few users experienced any problems.
  • The watch is easy to customize, although the choices are somewhat limited.
  • Users really like the fact that they can receive text right on their watch and receive other notifications. 
  • Users really like that they can control their music and camera from the iTouch Sport Smart Watch, allowing them to enjoy the music they want while exercising or just sitting around reading or working on their computer.
  • The iTouch Sport Smart Watch encourages you to get fit and stay fit by tracking your steps, your sleep, and even your heart rate.
  • TheiTouch Sport Smart Watch looks great and can be worn for both work and play.
  • It is made for both men and women.
  • It may be a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch.

Cons of the iTouch Sport Smart Watch

While the majority of people really like the iTouch Sport Smart Watch, there are some things that people did not like. 

  • Some women found this watch too large for them.
  • Although you can receive texts from others, you can’t text them back using this watch, so you will have to carry your smartphone with you as well.
  • Other people simply don’t like the limited battery life, especially since this watch has so many features that can drain the battery.

If you want a simple watch to just tell time, then this watch is not for you. However, if you are into the latest gadgets or want to track your fitness, then the iTouch Sport Smart Watch may be something worth considering adding to your collection.