Makeshift Options for a Left Hand Computer Desk in Your Office

Getting that office job that you have been wanting can be an exciting experience, but if you happen to be a lefty, working in an office filled with desks designed for right-handed people can pose certain challenges. In fact, your very first challenge will be coming up with a makeshift option for a left-handed computer desk that you can use.

Here is a look at some of the possible ways of creating your own left-handed computer desk.

3 DIY Left Hand Computer Desk Options

Work with What You Have

In many cases, you are going to have to work with what you have. This means that you are going to have done the best you can to turn a right hand desk into a left hand desk simply by repositioning the necessary items you need on the desk.

You’ll need to move the phone to the right hand of the desk, and your notepad, pencil holder, and mouse to the left hand of your desk. This can be difficult, since there is usually more actual desk space on the right side of the desk, but you will have to adjust.

Turning an L Shaped Desk into a Left Hand Computer Desk

If you are lucky enough to be working in a spacious office where you are assigned an L shaped desk, modifying a right hand desk to meet your left hands needs is much simpler, since you can actually use the left hand side of the L to set up your computer, phone, pen holder, and notepads. An L shaped desk will give you much more room on the left side for necessary items making it easier to work and be efficient.

Speak to Your Supervisor About Using a Table Instead of a Desk

In some cases, you simply may not be able to make a right hand desk work for you, so your option for a makeshift left handed computer desk may be to talk to your supervisor and see if it is possible to work at a table instead of a desk.

While a table won’t have any built in drawers or other conveniences, it also won’t limit the amount of space you can create on either the left hand or right hand portion of the table, or even dictate where you chair needs to be placed at the desk. This will make it much easier for you to organize your work area to meet your left-handed needs.

In most cases, your supervisor will work with you in order to help make your work environment as conducive as possible so that you can work at top efficiency. However, they are not going to go out and purchase a left handed desk for you at least until they see that you are going to be with the company long-term.

In addition, some supervisors may allow you to bring in your own left handed desk, and others may not want you to be changing out your office furniture at all, making it important for you to use your innovation to come up with a left handed computer desk.