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Online Shopping Innovations Your Business Needs to Know

Many customers now prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes. Instead of heading out to physical shop locations, more and more people opt for online shopping where they can browse through countless catalogs before making a final decision regarding their purchase. After the onset of the pandemic, the popularity of online shopping has been on the rise and social media platforms have left no stone unturned to facilitate businesses.

As customers tend to discover businesses through social media, these sites play an important role in the world of digital marketing. Here are a few online shopping innovations that your business can capitalize on:

1. Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to integrate retail advertising alongside of social interactions. Facebook has a complex algorithm – they collect data regarding customer preferences, and then match them to dynamic ads accordingly. For businesses, this opens the opportunity to make their marketing strategies even more effective. Since Facebook is geared towards displaying those products to users that are similar to their previous purchases, businesses have a great opportunity to compete with other firms in the market.

As a business, you can capitalize on the opportunity by presenting special offers and promotions to customers in your local area. As your customers’ experience becomes smooth while shopping with your business, you are likely to retain customers for the long run.

Augmented reality is another great way of replacing the need of a physical store with an online one. This innovation in online shopping helps customers try a range of products from the store without stepping out of the comfort of their home.

2. Pinterest

In 2021, Pinterest introduced product ads to their revolutionary app. As a business, you can use this innovation to your benefit by curating a product feed and uploading various things from your catalogue. Remember to include aesthetically pleasing photographs since Pinterest is known to attract users who have an appeal for visual content.

As customers search for products that are similar to the ones that you are selling, Pinterest will automatically display ads of your business to these users.

3. WhatsApp

If you were struggling to connect with your customers in the past, then WhatsApp has a brand-new innovation for you to explore. WhatsApp has already introduced a shopping feature that allows customers to view a shop and directly interact with a sales representative before making a purchase.

This innovation is part of an update to WhatsApp known as WhatsApp for Business – offering businesses a separate app to run their operations smoothly. With 175 million users using WhatsApp for Business already, the future seems bright for brands who wish to interact with their customers and develop meaningful customer relationships.

4. Twitter

While Twitter is yet to follow in the footsteps of Facebook and WhatsApp to provide an innovative front for businesses, the social media platform is still popular amongst businesses. Since Twitter seems to be an easy way to reach customers directly, brands are known to develop a strong online presence using Twitter for frequent tweets.