Super Networking Strategies For Your Career

Career networking is an art that can be acquired through practice and commitment. Here are some super networking strategies that can help you achieve everything you want in your career.

4 Super Networking Tips

Take the Time to Learn Different Networking Techniques

One of the best super networking strategies for your career is to simply take the time to learn different networking techniques. You can do this by attending different networking events (as many as possible). By attending such events, you will be able observe how various people network. You can learn a lot by watching others network and observing what techniques they use and the ones that tend to be most successful.

In addition, by attending these events you will meet a number of interesting people, some who may become part of the network either now or in the future.

Work on Becoming a Naturally Nice Person and Treat with Everyone with Respect

No matter what your career path, you are going to meet a lot of people, many of which you may not feel can be helpful to your career. However, you never know what the future holds, so it is best to treat everyone you meet with genuine respect and niceness because you never know who can help you in your career down the road.

When you treat people with the same respect you would want, you create a positive lasting impression in the people you may work with even for a short period of time. You need to build your professional credibility person by person.

Become a Giver

Many people build their network based on who they think can help them to get ahead. However, this super networking strategy is to view networking like any other relationship, understanding that it is truly a give and take relationship. You want to become a giver among your network, giving of your time, your advice, referrals, and recommendations. After all, you are bound to hear about jobs that are not right for your career path, but can help others in your network. Telling those people about possible jobs and even giving them a referral – on LinkedIn, for example – is one of the best ways to build a strong network whose members are open to helping one another.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Another super networking strategy is to keep the lines of communication open with every member of your network. Make time to meet members of your network face to face periodically, and in between those meetings keep touch by touch by phone or email.

During communication with members of your network, don’t focus solely on business, but let those in your network see that you care about them as people. Ask about their families, special events in their life, and share snippets of yours. Listen more than you talk and be ready to offer help when needed.

By practicing these super networking strategies, you will find that you are building a stronger network that will help you to meet your short-term and long-term goals.