You’ve been working long and hard trying to climb that corporate ladder, and there are some days you simply feel like the underdog in a world of top dogs. You eye that corner office with envy and practically worship your boss, wishing you had his/her sense of confidence and self-assurance. You may even see other underlings who seem to emulate the same confidence. 

So how can you feel like a boss even if you are still an underdog? The good news is that it is easier than you may think. Here are some tips to help you raise your self-assurance and help you feel like a boss.

5 Ways to Feel Like a Boss

Walk the Walk

Take a good look at your boss and how he/she enters a room. He/she probably walks erect, and his/her stride has a sense of purpose. His/her handshake is firm, and he/she looks you directly in the eye when he/she speaks to you. He/she emanates power and purpose.

Follow that lead, improve your posture when sitting, standing, and walking. The straighter you stand, the more you will stand out. Practice shaking hands to ensure that your grip is sure and strong, and make sure that you look every person you meet in the eye when you are talking to them. Know where you are going and what you intend to do when you get there, and you can have a sense of purpose in your stride.

Start Looking the Part

You’ve probably heard the expression “dress for success,” and while no suit or dress will actually make you successful, dressing the part will help you to feel more confident and self-assured. However, to really feel like a boss you need to do more than just wearing the right clothes. Going for the right grooming routine can also help you to feel more in control and more confident. 

Skincare is also important. For example, choosing a good face cream like Andalou NaturalsBeauty is Confident Face Cream can help to make you feel and look your best, adding to your self-assurance.

When you look your best, you feel your best and have more confidence. Looking the part can make you feel like a boss.

Pamper Yourself

While you may not have the money to hire a masseuse or to pay a visit to a spa to pamper yourself and make yourself feel like a boss, you can pamper yourself at home. Andalou Naturals have a wide range of affordable protects from shower gels to face masks and everything in between to pamper yourself and leave you feeling relaxed and less stressed.

Engage in Positive Thinking

If you really want to feel like a boss, then you need to think positive. A can-do attitude is an attribute all bosses share. While having a positive attitude when everything is going wrong isn’t always easy, you can get a little help by carrying along a bit of Wyndmere Essential OilsSelf-Confidence Synergistic Blend. You’ll feel more confident and positive in no time! You can also try one of the many other Wyndmere Essential Oils to help you feel more like a boss.

Expand Your Leadership Skills

Great bosses aren’t born – they are created! You too can become a great leader one day. Just be sure to hone your leadership skills by expanding your abilities in the workplace. Read books on leadership, watch videos, network with other future leaders, and try volunteering for various leadership positions in your community to get a feel for it.

By investing a little more time and effort in yourself, you can soon quit feeling like an underdog and feel like you too are at the top of the heap. Want more advice? Check out these 10 best boss traits.