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How COVID-19 Has Permanently Changed Businesses

COVID-19 has affected the world tremendously. It came and caused a disruption in not only in one country, but globally. It started from China and has affected the entire world within just a few months. This pandemic brought an economic recession with it as well, and countries that were flourishing a few months prior to it are now facing a tremendous fallout in their economy, which can easily take up to five to six years to fall back in place.

Apart from that, this makes us realize how a pandemic like coronavirus has changed our lives forever. In order to minimize the cases, people are advised to follow strict SOPs, which involve staying at home most of the time and isolating themselves. Schools have been closed, dining in is no longer allowed in restaurants, retail shopping has been minimized, and theatres have been closed for indefinite periods of time too. Some tend to believe that these are just temporary precautions, while some believe that this will be the new normal, including wearing masks, avoiding human contact, and practicing social distancing.

All of this makes us wonder, how will businesses operate now? The businesses affected most are in the retail, food, entertainment, travel, and the education industries. Coronavirus is a shock to our world, and our economies were not ready for it. It is safe to say that the lives we had before the virus were completely different. Even when the curve will flatten, we will not just bounce back to our old lives; instead some changes brought by the pandemic are here to stay and will be the new normal.

Let us now see how coronavirus has changed businesses permanently:

Working from Home

To avoid human contact and to help stop the spread of the virus, organizations all around the world have started operating from home. Working from home has become the new normal, and it is here to stay. Before working remotely was a choice but now it has become a necessity.

It might have its own set of disadvantages, but employees and the employers need to learn such new competencies to cater to this lifestyle. Organizations now have to invest more and more on online platforms for making communication and collaboration easy and feasible.

Organizations have now realized, thanks to the pandemic, that employees can be equally productive at home, which is a much cost-effective method of running a business. Working from home enables social distancing and is one thing which will be practiced for a long time into the future.

Online Shopping

Social distancing is the key. Now every business which required human contact or required people to gather together all at once will be changed for good. Similar is the case with store shopping. It is safe to say that store shopping is now being replaced with online shopping, as it promotes social distancing. Ecommerce has been popular for a while now, but the increase in online shopping on sites like Amazon makes it harder for smaller retail stores to survive. That’s why Facebook is introducing Facebook Shop, an app through the Commerce Manager tool.

Less Dining In

All those working and operating in the food industry know that things have changed. Any food business which does not have good delivery services will be doomed, as dining in will be reduced, and delivery services will hit new heights. So apps like Uber Eats will flourish, while local businesses that don’t offer delivery or take-out services will likely die.

Schools and Universities

Similarly, the education industry has been seeing some changes too. Physical classes are now being shifted to virtual classes where students use platforms like Skype or Zoom to take online classes.

Change is never easy but let us face it, our lives will not just bounce back to how they were. COVID-19 has brought some rapid changes in our lifestyles, and these changes are here to stay.

Using Online Communities for Small Business Networking

No small business survives on its own. In order to succeed, they need support and advice from time to time. Using online communities for small business networking can increase your business’s chance for success and for growth.

Here are some ways online communities can help small business networking efforts.

5 Pros to Small Businesses Networking

Access to Helpful Information

Online business communities offer a wealth of information that can be beneficial to small businesses and small business owners. Many of these communities have a resource center where you can find information on marketing, strategies for growth, building a website, and other relevant information.

In addition, there is usually a means for small business owners and managers to communicate with one another and discuss challenges with their businesses, brainstorm solutions, and offer one another advice and encouragement.

Great Support

Everyone needs support and a large part of small business networking is getting the support you need to take your business to the next level. Online communities can give small businesses the support and advice they need to take their business to the next level.

Online communities often have forums, and online discussions that you can take part in giving you the ability to ask questions of people who have been where you want to be. Having support can help you stay the course and achieve your business goals. In addition, it often helps simply knowing that someone understands what you are going through.

Free Online Tools to Use

Online communities also make great marketing tools. While you should never join an online business community in the hope of finding potential clients or customers, there is always the possibility that someone who belongs to a community could have need of your goods and services. So you should make sure when you join an online community that you make a solid profile and take part in the forums and discussions.

A Chance to Build Working Relationships

Online communities are great networking resources since you have the opportunity to build relationships and add people to your business network. Networking allows you to generate business leads over a period of time.

You will also meet some amazing people and may be able to join with one or two of them for a joint venture or may be able to work out a way to cross recommend your business.

Choosing the Right Online Communities

There are a number of different online communities for small businesses so it is important that you choose the right online communities for your small business networking. Look for communities that have similar or related businesses to your business as part of the community. You also want a community with active members that really participate in the forums and discussions. Unless the members of the online community are active, you will simply be wasting your time joining.

Once you join the online community make sure that you become an active member so that you are giving the same benefits to others that you are receiving.

Why You Should Support Your Local Cigar Business

Cigar business has and will continue to face controversy. However, it is impressive to see that it stays strong rising with the public’s demand. There are laws and restrictions on smoking, especially for people underage, but these laws have only helped cigar shops expand their spaces and lounges to accommodate adults who love to enjoy tobacco products.

Just like every local business, operating a local cigar business may also have its challenges. Cigars are a high-end specialty product and peaks the interest of people who has special interests.

A local cigar business needs the support of locals. Supporting your local cigar business has benefits that you can’t enjoy from national chains. Here are some reasons to support your local cigar business.

5 Pros of Shopping at a Local Cigar Business

It Offers Product Transparency

Many people think the best products are those you find on TV advertisements, radio advertisements, etc., but this may not be true. The product you buy online may not obey the manufacturing codes of your state or community, but a locally made product certainly will because it is well inspected and tested before being allowed into the market. The cigar made within your community obeys the manufacturing code and ethics while putting your health interest at heart.

It Supports the Economy’s Backbone

Cigar business is profitable and is one of the businesses that can improve an economy. Mike’s Cigars, a popular cigar business in Miami, Florida, sells 1.5 million cigars each year and has an annual revenue of tens of millions. This local cigar business significantly supports the local economy. So, supporting your local cigar business can help build a sustainable local economy to make your community thrive.

It Promotes Originality

The world is dominated by chain cigar products. Supporting your local business brings originality and variety to the community. Local cigars do something different than their chain competitors, so you get to enjoy something better and unique to your community. You get to enjoy a unique product other than chain products.

You Know the People Making Your Cigars

Don’t you feel safer knowing the people making your cigar? The owner of the business and the workers are your neighbors. They care about the wellness of the people and the community. Even if they don’t make them by hand, your local cigar business will ensure it imports only the best and finest handmade cigars.

It is Accountable to the People

Like all local businesses, cigar businesses are accountable to the people. They donate money to charity and non-profit organizations. If you support your local business, the local community will enjoy as much support as they give. By supporting these businesses instead of national chains, you can maintain a sustainable support system within your community.While you are enjoying your local cigar, Solaray has developed a natural supplement that supports your natural respiratory cleansing process. You need to care for your respiratory system to prevent respiratory disease that may stem from smoking. Use Solaray’s Total Cleanse Respiratory Formula to improve your natural respiratory process and stay healthy. If you decide that you or a loved one needs help to stop smoking, the CDC ‘s tips can help. Good luck!