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How To Prevent Harassment In The Workplace

Harassment is a serious issue that prevails around the world. We all must work together to reduce the number of cases that are brought forward. Take the first step; start at home or your workplace. Overlooking harassment is not the way to deal with the situation. It is essential to take the steps needed to prevent, stop, and raise awareness about it. 

It would be best if you were thinking about the different ways about how to prevent harassment in the workplace. If you’re unsure of the right procedure to follow, here are some things that you can start with.  

Update Harassment Policies

Usually, workplaces have harassment policies in place that are long forgotten about. It is up to you to frequently go over them and see whether they ensure fair and just treatment for the people in the workplace. The policies should be free of discrimination and should not have any influence or power. By referring to them frequently, you ensure that you’re on the right track. 

Regular Training On Harassment

At your workplace, you must ensure to keep regular training on harassment. This will help people understand what constitutes as harassment. In most cases, people are unaware of the kinds of behaviors that come under this. By showing people in the workplace the details of what harassment is and the steps that follow, there will be a better understanding of the situation. 

Work On Reporting Procedures 

Often, the person who gets harassed is unaware of how to go about filing a case against the assailant. Having a clearly drafted policy instructing the victim about the procedure can help them greatly. This way, they will know exactly who to reach out to in case of an emergency. Having a proper system is essential to prevent any kind of harassment indirectly. People will be less keen on attempting any sort of harassment because of the strict law and order in the workplace. 

Respond And Investigate Complaints Promptly

Overlooking harassment issues is not the way to go to prevent it from happening. It is necessary to make sure to hear out the person who got harassed. Respond in an unbiased and just manner while ensuring that the victim’s complaint is taken seriously through the proper procedures. With this in place, harassers will think twice before heading on to do anything. 

Instill Responsibility To Stop And Prevent Harassment

The top management needs to have an understanding of how to prevent and stop harassment in the workplace. By showcasing a negative stance towards individuals who showcase discriminatory behavior and taking strict action against harassers, it is possible to prevent future harassment in the workplace. 

Raise Awareness

Lastly, it is crucial to understand that raising awareness about the issue is essential. By explaining what harassment is, why it is necessary to prevent it, and how to manage the after-effects of it, people understand the situation better. 

All in all, it is impertinent to ensure that there are policies put in place regarding harassment in the workplace. Regular awareness and practical implementation of such policies will help prevent harassment in the workplace better. 

Is a No Gossip Policy Legal in the Workplace?

Have you been a sufferer of gossiping and wondered “Is a no gossip policy legal?” Gossip can have several meanings. To a few, it alludes spiteful discussions about someone’s life in their absence. Some think of it as simply false stories, while according to others, it can incorporate honest comments with a negative slant. Many people consider gossip to be any discussion of an individual’s or organization’s matters, regardless of whether they are work-related or personal, harmless or hostile.

Gossiping at Workplace is a No-No

Gossiping at the workplace is a common problem faced by the employer and employees these days. It is a type of casual or informal correspondence among employees concentrated on the private, individual, and delicate issues of others.

Gossiping at the workplace is considered negative worldwide, since it can present lies and offensive statements that can disturb the working environment and cause issues in personal and workplace relationships. Although workplace gossip does not necessarily have to be entirely negative, Peter Vajda, who is an expert in human development, has declared gossiping at work as cruel because it tends to hurt or attack other’s feelings.

How Can Gossiping at Work Be Dangerous?

Workplace gossiping can turn out to be fairly dangerous if the teller of the gossip has a prominent significance over the recipient of the gossip. Some common dangers of gossiping at the workplace are given out below.

·       It can damage the company’s culture.

·       It may oppose the formal communication of the organization.

·       It may create a feeling of resentment among employees.

·       The productivity of the company may be hampered.

Is a No Gossip Policy Legal in the Workplace?

To answer the question is a no gossip policy legal, it is not possible to ban it entirely! According to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), forbidding gossiping in the workplace is an idea that might seem unenforceable. The reason for it being impossible is that there are many topics in an organization that are not related to work on which an employee is allowed to talk. This may incorporate pay, working hours, or working conditions. Thus, an employer who tries to stop his workers to discuss these things may be violating Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act that defines the rights of the workers.

How to Avoid Gossiping in the Workplace

Although gossiping at work cannot be totally prohibited, managers can play a great role in reducing it. They can set an example by not taking part in it and shutting it out on different occasions. Some other ways to avoid it are given out below.

·       Highlight the importance of respecting others’ personal life.

·       Communicate regularly with your employees to minimize gossiping.

·       Be available to your employees all the time.

·       Give out specific guidelines to avoid gossiping at work in the company handbook.

·       Survey your employees regularly.

Now that you have got the answer to your question, “Is a no gossip policy legal?,” you should know that you cannot completely ban gossiping in your workplace, but you can definitely try to avoid it as much as possible.