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The Most Innovative Careers in 2021

When we think about the future, we often imagine a world of new inventions and technologies. As you read this blog post, it is important to remember that while some jobs will be replaced by robots and AI in 2021, there are still many innovative careers available for people who want to work with their hands and not just behind a computer screen. In order to help you find your perfect career for the future, here is our list of the top 5 most innovative careers available in 2021!

Data Scientist

As we continue to dive into data, demand for professionals who can make sense of all the numbers continues to grow. Because this field requires a blend of business savvy and technical skills such as computer science, statistics and graph theory (just to name a few), it is not surprising that this is one of the most difficult careers to land. Data scientists are able to find insights in large and complex data sets, which helps organizations make better decisions and achieve competitive advantage in their respective fields!

Business Architect

Business architecture deals with the design of organizations, business processes and strategies for an organization or a set of related organizations that are involved in providing products or services to customers. Enterprise architects lead complex organizational change initiatives by assessing how new technologies can impact their enterprise structure. They take into account both business and technical issues to create a design that best suits their organization.

Business Architects also work closely with management, information technology (IT) professionals and other stakeholders within an enterprise (e.g., departments such as HR or Accounting). They need excellent communication skills in order to explain complex business processes clearly; they must be able to motivate others through effective communication and have a strong interest in business issues.

Strategy Manager

Strategy management deals with the process of developing and implementing strategies for an organization to achieve its objectives. Successful strategy managers are able to lead organizational change, while identifying new opportunities that can increase revenue or decrease costs within a specific industry. In addition, they need to be able to communicate their vision in a clear and concise manner.

Strategy managers must also have excellent time management skills, as they need to juggle many tasks at once: analyzing the markets, identifying new opportunities for growth and overseeing various organizational changes. These professionals work closely with both executives and other employees within an organization.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are responsible for designing, creating and deploying algorithms that make machines learn from data automatically without being explicitly programmed to do so. They use large datasets to solve problems such as image recognition or language translation by applying existing techniques of machine learning (such as deep learning and reinforcement learning).

Machine Learning Engineers also need to be able to interpret the models that are generated by these algorithms, as well as transform an idea into a working software model. They may use tools such as TensorFlow or Caffe in order to create their products.

Blockchain Developer 

Blockchain Developers design and build distributed ledgers for applications ranging from cryptocurrencies to smart contracts to digital identity systems, etc. This role has become so popular because of the rising interest in blockchain technology (the underlying structure that powers bitcoin). If you are interested in this space then it would be wise to take relevant training sessions.