Top Careers with Human Services Degree

If you are looking for a great career with human services degree, then luckily there are a lot of different careers you can choose from. Here is a look at the best careers you can get with a bachelor’s in human services degree.

Available Careers with Human Services Degree

Depending on your specific interests, there are four top careers you can have if you have a human services degree. 

Social Worker

Of course, one of the most common careers with a human services degree is that of a social worker. While a social worker can work in many different fields, many decide to work for their state government in the Department of Social Services. Here are the areas social workers can work in.

Employment department – If you enjoy helping other people find worthwhile employment so they can take care of their families, then working in the employment department is a good choice of career.

Aging and Disability – Social workers may also enjoy working in the Department of Aging and Disability, helping people find the services they need. Working in this field, you can help people to get Medicare or Medicaid. They may help people find proper and affordable health services or other services that will help them to live a high quality of life.

Child Welfare – Looking out for children who can fend or defend themselves can be a very fulfilling job, and as a child welfare worker you will be able to help children and their families have enough food to eat and a safe place to live.

Juvenile Probation Officer

Another of the top careers with a human services degree is working as a juvenile probation officer and helping young people who have gotten off on the wrong track be accountable for their actions and learn how to make better choices for the rest of their lives. Helping children get back on track can be a tough but a very fulfilling career for people who love kids.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Another great career choice for someone with a degree in human services is that of a substance abuse counselor. While this can be a very rewarding career, it can also be hard as you are dealing on a daily basis with people who are battling their own demons and won’t always behave rationally.

Case Manager

Hospitals and other medical facilities often hire case managers in order to help patients and their families through difficult medical situations. Case managers are there to help patients and their family find needed financial resources to pay for medical bills, to listen to their fears, and to encourage them to follow through with their treatment plan or rehabilitation and physical therapy.

As you can see, there are some great opportunities for great careers with human services degrees. If you choose to get a master’s in human services there are even more career opportunities that are open to you.