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What to Do When You Get Networking Errors

We all know that networking errors can be frustrating, but we don’t always know what to do about them. This blog post is the perfect guide for those who want to fix their network error problems and get back up and running as quickly as possible. The first step in solving your problem is recognizing what type of error you are experiencing; there are many different types of errors out there! Once you’ve figured out which type of error it is, this article will tell you exactly how to fix it.

Check the Network Cables

The first thing you should do when experiencing network errors is check the cable connections to make sure they weren’t accidentally unplugged or disconnected from their base port. You can also try wiggling the connection ends, as sometimes this helps to get them working properly again! If it doesn’t work, then simply swap out the cable with a new one.

IP Address Conflict

If the computer will not connect to a new network or has limited connectivity, there may be an issue with its IP configuration. Check your connection by opening up command prompt and typing “ipconfig /all”. If it returns with some type of message stating that there is a problem along these lines: “Windows IP Configuration,” then you may have an issue with your network connection that needs to be addressed. You can try restarting the PC and checking again, but if it doesn’t work then we suggest getting in touch with a technician who can help find out what is wrong.

Duplicate Name Exists on the Network

If you are trying to connect and get an error that says β€œThe specified network name is already in use,” then it means there is another device connected to your router with the same name as yours. This computer’s IP address could also be conflicting or incorrect, so be sure to check it in command prompt.

Limited or No Connectivity

If the error states something about limited or no connectivity and your computer is not able to connect at all to any wireless network then it may be because there are some other devices on the same channel as the router. Wireless interference can cause this issue so we suggest moving to another channel, to begin with. If none of the channels are open then you should contact your ISP for further help troubleshooting this issue.

Unable to Establish the VPN Connection (error 800)

If you are trying to connect using your VPN and get an error that says β€œ800” then there is likely something wrong with either your internet connection or the server settings, which needs to be fixed before going any further. First of all, check to make sure that the VPN server is up and running, then try restarting your PC. If that doesn’t work you should contact support for further help troubleshooting this issue.