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What to Wear to a Networking Event

Networking events are an important part of any business person’s life. These types of events are all about building relationships, which is what leads to opportunities. However, getting dressed for these events can be a tricky task. It’s best not to show up overdressed or underdressed, but how do you know what to wear? Here are some tips that will ensure your success at the next networking event!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

First, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to be on your feet a lot at these events and you don’t want blisters or sore feet ruining your night. Opting for flats instead of heels can really help make sure that does not happen. The last thing you need is an injury before an important opportunity arises! 

Go For Neutral Colors

Next, choose neutral colors like black, gray, navy blue or brown when it comes to what you are wearing from head-to-toe. This helps ensure that everything matches perfectly without causing too much attention in the room which could detract from conversations with others who may also have very good networking skills. In addition, try sticking with solids if possible as patterns can sometimes busy depending upon the lighting of the room.

Wear Something that Helps You Maintain Eye Contact

Avoid wearing any clothing that brings attention to your chest or shoulders as you want the focus of others’ eyes to be on your face and not elsewhere! You also do not want anything too low cut, which again could cause people’s gazes to wander in a place they shouldn’t be looking. Be sure both men and women are aware of what they are wearing so there is no confusion about who should have their gaze where! If it can help, wear undergarments with wires or silicone pads sewn into them for better shaping control if this will make you feel more confident when trying to network with others at these events. This tip does work best though if you happen upon an event full of mostly young professionals rather than seasoned business people who may be more used to seeing this type of clothing.

Avoid Old or Worn Out Clothes

Avoid wearing anything that either is or looks like it might have seen better days as you do not want others to think they are in the presence of someone who does not care about their appearance, even if everyone else at these events tends to dress casually! You can always make a statement with your accessories though by opting for bright colors and fun patterns which will draw attention away from any holes or stains on your clothes while also making sure you look great! If possible, avoid wearing white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day because many business-related events tend to take place during those months so there is a good chance black tie attire -or something close enough- will be required! If you are attending an event where the dress code does not specify, be sure to do some research on what others have worn in previous years so your outfit is appropriate.

Wear Something That Can Help You Carry Lots of Business Cards

Finally, if there are any details about this type of event that might affect how many business cards or portfolios you need with you when it’s time for networking, make sure those are packed as well! You don’t want to forget them at home because then you will miss out on a great opportunity due to something completely avoidable like forgetting important items back at the hotel room! And no matter what, don’t forget to wear a charming smile on your face throughout the event.