Where Did Bluetooth Technology Come From?

We are living in the era of information technology. Wi-Fi is available everywhere and people can easily transfer files from one device to another. However things weren’t as smooth few years back as they are now. During that time Bluetooth was one of the most used technology to transfer files. It has still got a lot of importance in the modern world as well .There are many devices out there that still require Bluetooth to be connected to each other e.g. mobile phones to laptops, laptops to TV and many other devices. It is a short-range wireless communication protocol that enables data exchange between devices over a distance of 10 meters which will increase further with more technological advancements.

History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology has been around for a long time. The first Bluetooth devices were developed and manufactured in 1998. In 1997 Ericsson was working on a wireless audio cable that would reduce the need for wires between TVs and stereo systems, while Intel was seeking solutions to link PCs with desktop peripherals without using another bulky computer interface box. When these two companies decided to work together in 1998, they developed an open standard that quickly became the global standard of short-range wireless data transfer – Bluetooth!

The wireless telecommunication industry had been developing for a few years before Bluetooth was created. The notion of a cable-free connection between two devices was popular but no one had found an easy way to do this before Ericsson came up with his idea for Bluetooth technology.

Many speculate to why it is called Bluetooth? Well if you are one of those people then we have got you covered as well. As Ericsson is a Swedish company, the word Bluetooth is linked to Norse. The name comes from the Old Norse word for “blue twig”, which refers to the Viking legend of Bluetooth and King Harald I of Denmark.

Future of Bluetooth

Now that we have already talked about where Bluetooth came from, let’s talk about its important in the fast moving and quickly changing modern technological world. Bluetooth technology is increasingly being used in various applications. It helps to improve our safety, productivity, and social interaction. Bluetooth is not just a tool anymore, it has become a necessity. You can find it everywhere whether it’s in your laptop, your phone, or your car. It’s transmitting data and information in every direction. In the future, there will be even more uses for Bluetooth than what we currently have today.

We are going to see a lot of innovation in the way Bluetooth is used. The most recent evolution is the introduction of Bluetooth 5, which has increased data rates and bandwidth up to 2.5 times what we had before. Bluetooth might be used in more innovative ways such as pairing with other devices like smart watches and virtual reality headsets.

So don’t count Bluetooth out just yet. Even if there is Wi-Fi and other technologies that can help with connectivity between devices, Bluetooth is here to stay.